megamount 403XL

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  • Integrated Regulator/Lubricator
  • Integrated, pedal activated bead seating system
  • Extra tall column for wide racing wheel applications
  • 10” to 26” clamping range without clamp adjustment
  • Adjustable Bead Breaker Arm to accommodate up to 15” wheels
  • Tire Mount/Dismount head designed for standard and low profile tires
  • Left Hand mounted Assist Arm for Low Profile and Run Flat Applications
  • QuadraClamp Turntable with 4 cylinders and self lubricating rollers for extra wheel gripping strength and durability
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Boasting 26” clamping and a 15” rim width capability, this model is undoubtedly the most capable and practical machine you will find on the today.

The neat, compact swing-arm design is maintained in order to minimize footprint, but the ability to handle any size rim or tire isn’t compromised in this extremely heavy duty model.

The 403XL features our famous, patented QuadraClamp turntable.

The revolutionary QuadraClamp system, featured as standard on the new megamount 403XL, is probably the most significant advance to happen to the conventional tire changer since automatic machines were introduced some 30 years ago.

Traditionally, tire changers have used two clamping cylinders to operate four clamps. A quadrant or ‘star’ plate under the turntable then drives the two ‘slave’ clamps simultaneously with the two ‘driven’ clamps. The new QuadraClamp system uses four clamping cylinders, one per clamp, introducing a whole new range of benefits and producing a level of performance and longevity like never before.

Let’s look at the main reasons for Quadraclamp…

Power – have you ever experienced the rim slipping in the jaws under the stress of a tight tire? Quadraclamp provides double the pressure, and therefore virtually eliminates this problem even when using plastic jaw protectors on the clamps and when handling the toughest run-flat tire.

Consistency – all four clamps move back and forth with a perfectly smooth and synchronised movement. On a traditional two cylinder turntable the ‘slave’ clamps become lazy as the quadrant plate distorts with use and the clamping becomes even more ineffective and less concentric.

Reliability – the elimination of the traditional quadrant plate means there is virtually nothing mechanically to go wrong, and the four cylinders mean the clamping work is shared, halving the workload.

Longevity – the introduction of the new material Arnite (a type of hardened, non-porous and wear resistant plastic) into the jaw slide mechanism eliminates the traditional metal to metal contact. Incredibly, tests simulating 20 years of hard work in a high volume tire shop showed no signs of wear or damage.

Capability – the new system provides a straight 10″ to 26″ clamping capability without the need for extensions or adjustment as used by our competitors. In fact, Quadraclamp allows us to provide an even bigger table upon your request, with 10″–28″ or even 10″–30″ being should you require it!

Hofmann Megaplan megamount 403XL Tire Machine Specifications
Rim Clamping Range (Outside) 10” – 24”
Rim Clamping Range (Inside) 12” – 26”
Max Tirel Width 15”
Max Tire Diameter 47”
Bead Breaker Force (10 Bar) 30800 N 6900 lbs
Rotation Speed (RPM) 7 RPM
Operating Pressure 145 PSI (10 Bar)
Power Supply 110V
Motor Power 0.55 kW
Tire Inflating Pressure 50 PSi (3.5 Bar)
Net Weight 518 lbs
Packaged Dimensions 47” x 57 ½” x 79”

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